Apollo Automatic Power Pump - Clear SE1036103

Apollo Automatic Power Pump - Clear

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The most high-tech pump on the market today - massive results!" - That's what The American Pumpers Association has to say about the easy-to-use Apollo Automatic Power Pump.

Featuring unparalleled suction and fully automatic pressure control with the push of a button, these pumps are designed to provide the ultimate pumping action. Additional features include an automatic start/stop button, quick air release button, and an ergonomic hand-held controller with push button controls. Another awesome feature: a simple to read LED display measures PSI vacuum inside cylinder so you'll see how much you've enlarged. The textured grip and oversized cylinder with universal measurements make this pump comfortable and secure. For a premium pump experience, these pumps are second to none. You'll fee for yourself when you experience this pump. The automatic pump features a flanged base thatkeeps the donut seal in place for a superior, tight seal. The donut is body safe, crafted from TPR. With a PC cylinder, silicone hose, and a controller made from superior ABS with PU cote, these pumps are as safe as they are satisfying.

So get ready to stay harder, stronger, longer. This superior automatic pump has what it takes to give you what you want.